1. Visitors can pay the admission fee at the reception desk or online at [www.mytickets.al](https://myticket.al/event-detail.php?cit=9)
  2. Visitors can lock up their belongings in the lockers. In any case the Museum is nor responsible for loss of thefts of the objects.
  3. Visitors must be respectful and not interfere or distract other visitors’ enjoyment of the Museum.
  4. It is prohibited to access the museum with the below mentioned objects:
    → luggages larger than 25 cm × 15 cm
    → strollers
    → sharp objects or any type of firearms
    → pets
    → food and drinks.
  5. Smoking, eating and drinking is strictly forbidden along the entire museum itinerary unless you are taking a break in the internal courtyard.
  6. Children under the age of 14 must be accompanied by parents or teachers.
  7. The museum area has wi-fi coverage. 
  8. Visitors must pay for the damage caused during the visit, as predicted by the Albanian law.
  9. It is permitted to take photographs in all the areas of the museum - but for non-commercial purposes only as established by article 101, National Law nr. 27/2018 "For cultural heritage and museums".
  10. For visitors’ safety during the installation of new exhibitions, the museum will remain closed. In such case, the visitors will be informed by the museum through the web page and social media channels.
  11. At the reception desk, there is a survey about the visitors’ experience. This helps us improve our service and programs.
  12. For suggestions or complaints about the museum, please contact us at info@marubi.gov.al